Wednesday, November 29


Everyone knows what this is :-)

I didn't have the exact pattern with me but I just started slipping stitches and figured I would get close enough.

Besides being useful (I really needed some new dishcloths!) this project was also a welcome distraction from all my christmas knits.

Friday, November 17


Well I made a cute stuffed penguin with a little winter scarf (to cover up holes in his neck...) but sadly I gave him away already and some how erased all my pictures of him. You'll just have to trust me, he was cute.

Friday, November 3


A felted pumpkin!
I did this with some left over yarn from a sweater and just made up the pattern. The pumpkin is only about 2.5 inches accross but I like him that way :-)

sOnirOni's knit pumpkin pattern:

pattern note: the m1t and m1a increases are from but feel free to use any increase you like

CO 12sts
1: k
2: *k1 m1a k1 m1t* around (24 sts)
3: *sl st wyif k3* around (24 sts)
4: *sl st wyib m1a k3 m1t* around (36 sts)
5: *sl st wyif k5* around (36 sts)
6: *sl st wyib m1a k5 m1t* around (48 sts)
7: *sl st wyif k7* around
8: k
9: repeat row 7
10: *sl st wyib k7* around
11-15: repeat 9 & 10 for odd and even rows
16: k
17: *sl st wyif k7* around (48 sts)
18: *sl st wyib k2tog k3 ssk* around (36 sts)
19: *sl st wyif k5* around (36 sts)
18: *sl st wyib k2tog k1 ssk* around (24 sts)
19: *sl st wyif k3* around (24 sts)
20: *k2tog ssk* around (12 sts)
21: k

work remaining 12 sts with stem color:
1: *p2tog* around (6 sts)
2: p
3: *pfb* around (12 sts)
4: p
5: *pfb p* around (18 sts)
6: p
7: *pfb p* around (27 sts)
8: p BO

pick up 3 sts at top of pumpkin and work i-cord for 1 inch

CO 5 sts
1: k
2: p
3: k2 m1t k1 m1a k2
4: p
5: k3 m1t k1 m1a k3
6: p
7: k
8: p
9: k2 ssk k1 k2tog k2
10: p
11: k1 ssk k1 k2tog k1
12: p
13: ssk k1 k2tog
pull yarn through remaining sts, sew on leaf

CO 15 sts, kfb each st, BO - twist and attach

After sewing on the leaf and vine, felt it! While drying twist the vine around a pencil to make sure it keeps it shape. Use extra yarn to tie around the body and the pumpkin will have nice deep grooves.

Sunday, October 29

Pinwheel Sweater!

My first completed baby sweater. Isn't he cute :-)

I got the pattern from It's knit with four skeins of Patons SWS: two Natural Earth and two Natural Blue.

Took me about a week to do and it was fun! The yarn is super soft and best of all the little guy likes wearing it :-)

Saturday, October 28

I got a blog!

Yep, I got a blog!