Friday, November 3


A felted pumpkin!
I did this with some left over yarn from a sweater and just made up the pattern. The pumpkin is only about 2.5 inches accross but I like him that way :-)

sOnirOni's knit pumpkin pattern:

pattern note: the m1t and m1a increases are from but feel free to use any increase you like

CO 12sts
1: k
2: *k1 m1a k1 m1t* around (24 sts)
3: *sl st wyif k3* around (24 sts)
4: *sl st wyib m1a k3 m1t* around (36 sts)
5: *sl st wyif k5* around (36 sts)
6: *sl st wyib m1a k5 m1t* around (48 sts)
7: *sl st wyif k7* around
8: k
9: repeat row 7
10: *sl st wyib k7* around
11-15: repeat 9 & 10 for odd and even rows
16: k
17: *sl st wyif k7* around (48 sts)
18: *sl st wyib k2tog k3 ssk* around (36 sts)
19: *sl st wyif k5* around (36 sts)
18: *sl st wyib k2tog k1 ssk* around (24 sts)
19: *sl st wyif k3* around (24 sts)
20: *k2tog ssk* around (12 sts)
21: k

work remaining 12 sts with stem color:
1: *p2tog* around (6 sts)
2: p
3: *pfb* around (12 sts)
4: p
5: *pfb p* around (18 sts)
6: p
7: *pfb p* around (27 sts)
8: p BO

pick up 3 sts at top of pumpkin and work i-cord for 1 inch

CO 5 sts
1: k
2: p
3: k2 m1t k1 m1a k2
4: p
5: k3 m1t k1 m1a k3
6: p
7: k
8: p
9: k2 ssk k1 k2tog k2
10: p
11: k1 ssk k1 k2tog k1
12: p
13: ssk k1 k2tog
pull yarn through remaining sts, sew on leaf

CO 15 sts, kfb each st, BO - twist and attach

After sewing on the leaf and vine, felt it! While drying twist the vine around a pencil to make sure it keeps it shape. Use extra yarn to tie around the body and the pumpkin will have nice deep grooves.

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