Sunday, January 7

Needle Case

Click here to download pattern in PDF form.

I made this some time ago but kept forgetting to post pictures. Anyway, it's just a simple needle case I made for my KnitPick Options needles. Each section was double knit with bind-offs in the middle to create openings for the needles. The yarn is Peaches 'N Cream.


highstrungknits said...

What a fun case! Someone at Ravelry pointed it out. I'm getting an options set soon and think this will be a fun way to carry them. Thanks for sharing!

Mys@ said...

Very good!! I like it.

Caitlin said...


I’m the editor of and I’m pleased to let you know that we’ve linked to one of your knitting patterns on our yarn blog, Stitch & Unwind.

The post isn't live yet, but here is the link where you will find it once it is:

If you have any free patterns that you’d like for us to link out to from (along with showing a small picture of the finished project) please let me know. We’re always looking for more people to work with.

Hope you’re having a great day,


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