Sunday, July 15

Phone Fun!

Okay, I've gone and done something really dorky, but I'm quite pleased with the results. That's right folks, I've decoupaged my cell phone. Why? I don't know, I think silver is a very boring color, now I have every color on my phone. Some mod podge, time and an old KnitPicks catalog - easy enough recipe. I'm just glad my phone still works (no glue got stuck inside) and now it looks good to boot!

Also, market bag is done, it's been working well for me so far!

Tuesday, July 10

The Doldrums

It's summer, it's hot and I still can't put my knitting needles down. Okay :-P at least I'm not knitting with wool anymore. Purely a cotton gal for the next few months. Project updates: still working away at my brother's gift bag / washcloth thingies for the wedding in October but I'm already about halfway done (depending on the guest list I suppose) so no real time crunch there, just slow and steady. Surfing around the other day I came across this little cozy, too cute no? Of course, on further surfing I came across a version with a hood which knocked my socks off even further and I decidedly had to go whip one up for myself.

Ta da! I decided to do mine raglan-style just for fun and so I could start at the hood (yarn was short, I wasn't sure how long I could make the wee sweater!) Anyway, fun, cute and enough to make all my friends giggle at me should I ever let this little guy slip out into public. The yarn was bits of leftover wool, Knitpicks Telemark I believe.

Also this market bag has been on the needles for a while now. Almost done! I just need to push through the final stitches and sew in the ends. I used the body from this market bag with a simple basket weave stitch at the top to make it a bit sturdier. I also added two handles instead of one just like I saw in this post here. Nothing like some good ol' collaborative knitting! Yarn for this project is Lionbrand Cotton-Ease (50% cotton 50% acrylic), new yarn to me so I'll have to see how it holds up with use.

And now for something completely different... just a nice shot of Pittsburgh.