Sunday, August 12

Cushion Progress

Here's a quick bit of what I've been up to with my knitting. First picture here is one of the cushions I'm working on for these cute round chairs I have. This is one of the tops, it's going to get i-cord around the edge, and then flat sides and a bottom. Should be about 2 inches thick when I'm done. I'm very pleased with it so far, actually drew the pattern with Adobe Illustrator and stretched it to the right size according to my gauge and then viola - Illustrator turned it into a grid for me. I can't believe what a perfect circle it turned out to be! Although I have been working on this one a while, I'm still excited and can't wait to get these done. Oh, and the yarn is knitpicks telemark, I'm hoping it will make good sturdy cushions that can stand up to some wear without felting, we'll see!

Next picture, some hand dyed yarn, 100% superwash merino. I have a grand sweater planned for this but it may be a while till I actually get around to it. To help me make sure it really fits I finally roped someone (my sister) into helping me make a dress form with paper tape. She did an absolutely fabulous job and now I've just got to close the neck, bottom and armholes off and figure out some way to mount the sucker. It really is amazing though, looks just like me!

Tuesday, August 7


fishnets front Pattern available for purchase!

Well this was my attempt to make some fishnets for myself. I'm pretty pleased with them except that I knit them a little loser than I intended. They will be great for the fall but certainly way too warm for this hot summer we have going on in Pittsburgh right now. The pattern was my own, simple toe up socks with a YO pattern on the tops of the feet and around the legs. The yarn is Elann Esprit.
fishnets back

washcloths stacked Also finished are the wedding favors I was making for my brother - all 24 of them! The pattern is dishcloth reloaded from Mason Dixon Knitting and we're going to tie them up into little bags with something cute inside. I suppose there may end up being a few extra guests so I might have to make a few more, but no need to worry about that for another month or two :-)

Also please take notice of my new bar on the left with my patterns. I'm trying to get stuff written up and posted so check them out!
washcloths on floor