Monday, November 12

Holiday Knits

Lots of knitting under way but most of it's for Christmas presents so no revealing photos at the moment!

I can show you one I'm working on though, this is Sugar on Snow from Knitty. I made mine a bit longer to make sure it'll cover my ears. All I have left is to bind off and make the cord that runs through the eyelets. I'll get there eventually...

Non-knitting news, Pittsburgh's Handmade Arcade was this weekend and I was able to go for a few hours on Sunday. Everyone had really fantastic booths but the crowd was hard to fight through! I picked up this little guy from Tugboat Printshop. Despite his look, he makes me smile every time I look at him. There were only a few knitters there and I'm thinking if I can get my act together I should definitely do a booth next year, who knows!